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    I'm an independent Advisor and Mentor, Member or Partner of very professional Networks and Teams across the World.

    To better serve You, we team-up accordingly to your Missions requirements, in order to deliver You the best Consulting services, with a high level of efficiency.



    Senior Partner Europe


    motormindz is a US based global automotive professional services and technology accelerator that combines unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities across all facets of the automotive manufacturing and sales chain.


    motormindz collaborates with solution partners and clients to develop and integrate disruptive, leading-edge solutions and technologies aimed at solving crucial challenges for automotive manufacturers, suppliers, importers and dealers.




    APIA is an independent Association of skilled, experienced and trustable Executives who provide an accurate and operational Governance Expertise as well as Board skills and capacities.


    With a strict and efficient coaching and preparation, each of our Members might candidate to any suitable Board, as an independent Professional Board Member.




    Automotive France

    Founder and Group Manager

    Automotive France is an informal Group of french Automotive professionals with interest in developping and sharing ideas and network-relationships, and of non-french Automotive professionals having the same interests. Both either at home or abroad.


    We all share members expertise, experience and collaboration, business opportunities and networking facilities ... in relation with our great Automotive Branch.



    ICDP Automotive

    Senior Advisor since September 2013.

    Former Chairman and Board Member (2014-2017)

    ICDP means INTERNATIONAL CAR DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM. ICDP provide the best Insights about Car Distribution in the Automotive World.

    ICDP is a non Profit UK-based organization.


    It is both a unique Think-Tank, a dedicated Automotive Research Center, a Data Producer and a great Car-Industry Networking support. All this made by a highly skilled Team.



    APM - Association Progrès du Management



    Apm is a french speaking community of 8.000 entrepreneurs across 34 countries. We now reach some 400 groups of CEO's and MD's.


    We share our knowledge, we exchange best practices, and support each-other in a fair way. Goal is a better Company Governance and increased performances through any kind of managerial, cultural and behavourial exchanges and improvements.




    Partner and Author

    Games are about living an experience and sharing emotions.
    Playing is about learning to understand our environment. Through play, any effort becomes enjoyable and risk-taking is made easy. The virtues of gaming are numerous : socialisation, learning, memorisation, initiative, teamwork, emulation... .


    The ambition of jeuxdenjeux is to rejuvenate the collective intelligence with powerful tools.

    JEUXDENJEUX is also the editor of my Networking Game : "RETEA"